Cemetery Markers

Cemetery Markers

The people we’ve loved and lost deserve durable memorial markers that stand the test of time, just as our love for them does.

After my daughter passed away, I searched for years for the perfect gravesite memento to commemorate her grave in the way she deserved. The problem was, nothing seemed to last—flowers wilted and plastic decor was weathered and worn by the elements. 

As a solution, I was struck with the inspiration to create a metal sign for my daughter. That same cutout has lasted for years.

Because we know firsthand how much it means to those who are grieving to have the perfect momento for their loved one, we started making markers for other families with the same need.

Each steel marker is personally cut with love in our small-town shop. They are one-piece cutouts with a pointed stake to be pushed into the ground. 

Please select your color of choice and add the custom word or name you would like for your marker.

**Markers vary in height and length depending on the word chosen.